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Police Department Pickups

Police Department Firearm Retrieval/Coroner delivery Fees

Due to an overwhelming number of people who do not pay once their firearms are retrieved, J&R Sports Supply charges a flat fee of $300 to begin the process of retrieving firearms from a police department or any other law enforcement agency. Once the $300.00 is paid, we will call the department holding the firearms and arrange to pick them up for you.

Retrieve & log in Firearms(s)$110/hour rounded to the nearest 15 minutes, plus $0.55/mile round trip

Transfer firearms to designated recipient $35 per firearm
Note: if we are selling the firearms on consignment, the transfer fee does not apply.
Consignment fee is 30% of the value of the firearm.

Storage: After the firearm has been here 30 days the fee is a $1 a day. After 60 days the firearms will be sold on Consignment.

Customer provides us and the PD with authorization to retrieve the firearm(s) from the PD. Customer provides us with a filled out DROS worksheet & a copy of their DL or CA ID card. We will also require a copy of the court order, so we can determine if there are any restrictions on the sale of the firearms. We contact the PD property dept. and make arrangements to pick up the firearm(s). Generally, the PD will require a copy of all of our licenses (FFL, COE, local business license, resale certificate, AW permit, Secondhand Dealer license, etc.). We track roundtrip time & distance to retrieve and log-in the firearms. If we are to sell the firearm(s) on consignment, we fill out a firearms estimate spreadsheet and furnish the customer with a copy. Once the paperwork is complete, we notify the customer. If we are selling the firearm(s) on consignment, our fees are deducted from the proceeds of the sale. If the customer is transferring the firearm(s) to a designated person or people, we collect our fees before transferring the firearm(s). Also, if not a consignment sale, the recipients of the firearm(s) are required to fill out our form that states that the recipient will not allow the firearm(s) to be accessed by the previous owner. All of the paperwork is filed in a folder and held in the “PD Pickup” section, until the last firearm is dispositioned, at which time the folder is moved to the “Closed PD Pickup” section.

Customer furnishes:
Authorization to retrieve firearm(s)
Copy of DL or CA ID card
DROS Worksheet
Copy of Court Order
We provide:
License Pack to PD
Firearms Estimate Worksheet, if required, to customer
Invoice to customer
Affadavit, if required, stored in file

Roundtrip time for Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin is approx. 1 hour
Roundtrip time for Oakland, Hayward is approx. 2 hours

Department of Justice & Coroner Drop-offs are treated the same as FFL Transfers (see Purchase Process for information).