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Weekly Update October 16 2013

October 16, 2013 9:40 am

Hi all, As you are probably aware, most of the anti-gun bills either did not make it out of committee, or were vetoed by the Governor.  Thanks to our friends at the NRA, below is a summary of what was signed, and what was vetoed: VETOED AB 169 (Roger Dickinson, D) Unsafe handguns.  The bill would have limited individuals to selling or consigning for sale a maximum of two used handguns per calendar year. AB 180 (Rob Bonta, D) Registration and licensing of firearms: City of Oakland.  Would have allowed the City of Oakland, through an ordinance, to circumvent state preemption of firearms laws. The danger here was that this would open the door for cities and counties all over California to request exemption from the preemption law. SB 299 (Mark DeSaulnier, D) Firearms: lost or stolen: reports.  Would have required reporting a lost or stolen firearm to local law enforcement within 7 days from when the owner knew or reasonably should have known the firearm was lost or stolen. SB 374 (Darrell Steinberg, D) Firearms: assault weapons.  Would have banned the sale of all centerfire semi-auto rifles that accept any detachable magazine and all rifles with fixed or tubular magazines that hold over 10 rounds. SB 475 (Mark Leno, D) Agricultural District 1-A: firearm sales at the Cow Palace.  Would have allowed the County of San Mateo and County and the City of San Francisco to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace facility.  This would have been the end of large gun shows... View Article

Weekly Update Sept 28 2013

September 28, 2013 9:38 am

Hi all, The CCW course scheduled for Octoer 12 has been cancelled.  As many of you are aware, Jim Amentler, the instructor, is also serving our country.  Jim will be deployed, so we will have to wait a while for him to return.  Please return safely Jim! Speaking of scheduling, I was just notified that the date for the reloading course has to change due to a schedule conflict with one of the instructors.  We will provide an updated date just as soon as the instructors agree on one.  They apologize for the delay. Our second shipment of Aero Precision stripped AR lowers sold out, and we ordered more on Monday.   They are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday.  We are holding the price on these at $109.95 each.  Also selling quickly are our 80% lower receivers, priced at $125. Sales of all things AR-related are starting to pick up due to pending legislation on the governor’s desk.  If you are on the fence about purchasing a semi-automatic rifle, now would be the time.  As always, we will not raise prices simply because the market gets hot.  We do, however, expect to sell out fairly quickly.  If you already have your lower, we have Lower Parts Kits from CMMG priced at $79.95, and we have standard (commercial) stock kits complete for $39.95. That’s the best deal on a complete stock that I have ever seen. As I write this, we have a small amount of target ammo in .38 spl (27.95/50), .40 S&W ($19.95/50),... View Article


Welcome to J&R Sports Supply!

September 18, 2013 12:24 pm

Welcome to our blog!  We post weekly on news & information relating to the firearms industry, as well as providing in-house specials on the best equipment in the industry.